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NXL Pittsburgh - game 2 and 3

Sport news
Unfortunately we lost to LA. (10:9)
They played very well, and we had the worst game of the season.
This field layout does not fit our style very well. With 4 minutes left we led by one point and LA got a 5 minutes penalty.
So, the game was suppose to develop in our favour. But...

NXL Pittsburgh - first game

Sport news
Today we play our first game against Philly Americans.
The weater is very hot.
But, game going under our full control, and we win 11:7.
Big thanx to our fans, theirs support is very helpful and sweet!
Next game with Los Angeles Ironman.

Russian Legion third clinic in Charlotte

Sport news
Russian Legion conducted its third clinic during the last weekend.
This time it took place in South Carolina at Paintball Central.
That place was chosen for a reason.
We wanted to combine the clinic and the scrimmage with one of the best NXL team Baltimore Trauma.

July 31 X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion'' - final day

Sport news
Final day of monthly X-ball tournament was 31 July.
In that moment full score was 4:3 - Team 2 leading.
So both teams have chance to win this tournament.

July 24 X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion''

Sport news
Next round of monthly X-ball tournament was 24 July.
And the final results not unexpectedness for treners, because after full defeat last week, Team 1 want a revenge.

Russian Legion Clinic in the USA - in Rock Hill

Sport news
Russian Legion is glad to announce our next clinic.
This time in Rock Hill.
The clinic will be held on August 6th and 7th at
Paintball Central Rock Hill

July 17 X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion''

Sport news
Next round of monthly X-ball tournament was 17 July.
And the final results become absolute unexpectedness for treners.

July 10 man X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion''

Sport news
We have 2 score match.
Team 1: Fedorov, Vassiliev, Prhikdniy, Kulikov, Berdnikov, Solnishkov
Team 2: Kniazev, Alexeyev, Morozov, Smirnov, Panteleyev, Galka...

Summarizing our trip to Chicago?

Sport news
When we were kids, all of us were carried away by books by Fenimore Cooper about adventures of Chingachguk and the Pathfinder, and now we have visited that famous state, where everything reminds about those fantastic stories.

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New Russian Legion store
In the sports club of the Russian Legion, a new store has opened, distributing paintball equipment ranging from paintballs to paintball markers. To this day, this is the most popular store in Russia, with an extremely broad assortment of paintball equipment from all different manufacturers.
Virtue Russian Legion Shocker Board - video
Check out the exclusive trailer for Virtue's new Russian Legion board, probably the most advanced board on the market today...
Smart Parts Max-Flo Micro
Smart Parts is pleased to announce the release of its newest air regulation system, the Max-Flo Micro. We named our air systems Max-Flo because they have consistently been the highest flow regulators on the market. The Max-Flo Micro also subtracts size from that winning formula. SMALLER. LIGHTER. AND NOW: PRESET.
Facefull ? 36
It?s a brand new season. And as usual, Facefull delivers the goods: A full Millennium and NPPL season preview, the world league project and the newest gear available from today?s best paintball manufacturers.
NXe Appoints Russian Legion Master Distributor for Russia
NXe announced today that it has appointed Russian Legion as its Master Distributor for Russia.

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