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September 18 X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion''

Sport news
We have 2 score match.
Team 1: Fedorov, Prhikdniy, Kulikov, Berdnikov, Solnishkov, Vassiliev, Sam Keats, Dan Maskel.
Team 2: Kniazev, Alexeyev, Morozov, Preobrajenskiy, Panteleyev, Soloviev.

We play 1 score game..
The game I score - 11:4 - team 2 win
The game II score - 6:6 - tie (no points)

Full score after 2 days 2:0 - Team 2 leading

The best 5-man in last week - Fedorov, Kniazev, Panteleyev, Soloviev, Vassiliev.

September X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion'' start

Sport news
After a month break, which has occured because of a command trip on next stage of NXL in Pittsburg, championship X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion'' continue.
First two games have been played this Sunday

Pics us with fans, or fans with us

Hey RL fans and supporters, we had a question for all of you.
We wanted to arrange a picture gallery of us with our fans, on our website.
(Any fans with any members of the team, or of the whole team with any fans)
Furthermore, we would appreciate if you could post any pictures you guys have (us with funs), from any clinics, tournaments, or other events which the Russian Legion has attended.

If you have any pictures which meet these criteria, please post them in
this thread in out forum on PBnation, and don't forget to post your real name with the pictures!
When enough pictures accrue, we will start posting them in gallery!

To our fans

We take great pleasure in reading all of the posts and questions in our forum on Pbnation!
This shows us that all of the energy and strength we put forth into our practice and tournaments, have paid off after all.
We not only play for our love of paintball, but also for our fans.
Without you and your support, we would not be able to display the same diverse and artful performance in our game. Interacting with you, our fans, after our games is just as gratifying for us as it hopefully is for you!
We sense all of your support towards us, and this motivates us to play better.
We promise to always find time to interact with our fans, and supporters.
Also, never be shy to ask us questions or for autographs.
We are paintball players just as most of you are, and we believe that it is right to offer our knowledge and wisdom of the game, to those who seek it!

Thanks for the support, from each and every player on the Russian Legion....
We love you all..

NXL Pittsburgh - last game against AfterShock

Sport news
Our last game was very important to us.
Aftershock won against us in the first game of the season, so we had to prove that we can win.

Standings after Last event - Boston Red Legion leading!

Sport news
Standings after Last event - team Boston Red Legion leading with 26 points.

NXL Pittsburgh - game 2 and 3

Sport news
Unfortunately we lost to LA. (10:9)
They played very well, and we had the worst game of the season.
This field layout does not fit our style very well. With 4 minutes left we led by one point and LA got a 5 minutes penalty.
So, the game was suppose to develop in our favour. But...

NXL Pittsburgh - first game

Sport news
Today we play our first game against Philly Americans.
The weater is very hot.
But, game going under our full control, and we win 11:7.
Big thanx to our fans, theirs support is very helpful and sweet!
Next game with Los Angeles Ironman.

Russian Legion third clinic in Charlotte

Sport news
Russian Legion conducted its third clinic during the last weekend.
This time it took place in South Carolina at Paintball Central.
That place was chosen for a reason.
We wanted to combine the clinic and the scrimmage with one of the best NXL team Baltimore Trauma.

July 31 X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion'' - final day

Sport news
Final day of monthly X-ball tournament was 31 July.
In that moment full score was 4:3 - Team 2 leading.
So both teams have chance to win this tournament.

Sport news
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Virtue Russian Legion Shocker Board - video
Check out the exclusive trailer for Virtue's new Russian Legion board, probably the most advanced board on the market today...
NXe Appoints Russian Legion Master Distributor for Russia
NXe announced today that it has appointed Russian Legion as its Master Distributor for Russia.
Tippmann and Special Ops Announce Strategic Alliance
Buffalo Grove, Ill. (July 28, 2006) ? Tippmann Sports is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Special Ops Paintball. The new relationship will include several collaborative marketing programs as well as future product initiatives. Working together, the two companies will be ideally positioned to bring an unmatched breadth of specialized products and services to woodsball players around the world.
Facefull ? 36
It?s a brand new season. And as usual, Facefull delivers the goods: A full Millennium and NPPL season preview, the world league project and the newest gear available from today?s best paintball manufacturers.
Smart Parts, WDP, and Dye Resolve Litigation, License Agreements Part of Settlemen
Smart Parts, Inc., WDP, Ltd., and Dye Precision, Inc. are pleased to announce the settlement of litigation pending between the companies and the entry into patent license agreements giving WDP and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by Smart Parts? electronic paintball gun patents; giving Smart Parts and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by a WDP?s affiliate?s LCD and Data Link and other related electronic paintball marker patents; and giving Smart Parts a license under Dye?s patent related to spool valve paintball gun designs.

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