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NXL Orlando final games

Sport news
It was the most dramatic and tense games of all season.
Trauma against Red Legion
The first game has ended with score 8-6, Trauma win.

NXL Orlando, semifinals, second game

Sport news
We solved our problem with paintballs, change our tactics, and no one could stop us in this game :)

We lead almost from the beginning (but first 2 point win Strange), and then not give chance to Detroit come closer to us, and the second period start with the score 6:2.
In second period we continue leading and our breakup growing point by point.
Final score 14:4, we win, and go to the final.
Now we will wait, who will be second finalist, Oakland or Baltimore.

NXL Orlando, semifinals, first game

Sport news
The opponent of Russian Legion in a semifinals became team Detroit Strange.
Detroit beat Chicago in second game 10:9 and passed in semifinals.

NXL Orlando, second game against New York

Sport news
On the second game the command going with other spirit, nervous certainly was present, and some players could enter into a rhythm!
Despite of many penalties, we hold game under the control, though by final result of it also you will not tell.
But our basic purpose was - to win! With any score but WIN!
Once again we had many paintball breaks, we shall think how to solve this problem.

Final result 8:7 - we have won, and now we shall search and correct our mistakes, and will be prepare for the next contender.

NXL Orlando first game

Sport news
Game New York Vs Boston Red Legion under the request of organizers has been transferred.
Red Legion has won, but, as Alexander Solodovnikov say ? it was a hard won.
?There were problems with paintballs, it was not possible to pick up good, weather in Orlando +20
For Florida it?s cool weather and we prepared paintballs as usually on the sun, but it was not enough. And in the second time there were many breaks...
As we have received a plenty of penalties, but nevertheless have won - 11:7 ".
Tomorrow in the morning, at 9.00 the second game, and as Alexander say ? ?It will be other game ".

Hurricane Wilma

Sport news
PSP are continuing to monitor the progression and development of Hurricane Wilma.
We at the PSP are continuing to monitor the progression and development of Hurricane Wilma. In the next 12-24 hours the hurricane is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico at which time we have been told by Disney's weather officials that a more accurate and specific projection of the hurricane's path will become available. As new information becomes available, we will continue to update everyone.

The NXL opens games to paintball video crews.

Sport news
In an unprecidented move, Mike Ratko - Commissioner, has indicated that the teams have approved a motion to allow video of the NXL playoffs in Orlando this October. Ratko states that the change in rules was possible because earlier contractual restrictions had been lifted.


Sport news
BAL - Baltimore
BOS - Boston
CHI - Chicago
DET - Detroit
LA - Los Angeles
MIA - Miami
NY - New York
OAK - Oakland
PHL - Philadelphia
SAN - San Diego

September final score and October X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion''

Sport news
September X-ball tournament SC ''Russian Legion'' final score is 3:1, team 2 win.
Сongrat's Team 2 - Kniazev, Alexeyev, Morozov, Preobrajenskiy, Panteleyev, Soloviev.

And In last Sunday we start October X-ball tournament.

Last Russian Legion Clinic in the USA in this season

Sport news
The Russian Legion?s final clinic of the 2005 season will be held October 22nd and 23rd at Hypersports Park in Orlando, FL.
Each day, students will receive 6 hours of intensive instruction from the team that has revolutionized the way players approach training.

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Smart Parts, WDP, and Dye Resolve Litigation, License Agreements Part of Settlemen
Smart Parts, Inc., WDP, Ltd., and Dye Precision, Inc. are pleased to announce the settlement of litigation pending between the companies and the entry into patent license agreements giving WDP and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by Smart Parts? electronic paintball gun patents; giving Smart Parts and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by a WDP?s affiliate?s LCD and Data Link and other related electronic paintball marker patents; and giving Smart Parts a license under Dye?s patent related to spool valve paintball gun designs.
New Russian Legion store
In the sports club of the Russian Legion, a new store has opened, distributing paintball equipment ranging from paintballs to paintball markers. To this day, this is the most popular store in Russia, with an extremely broad assortment of paintball equipment from all different manufacturers.
Facefull ? 36
It?s a brand new season. And as usual, Facefull delivers the goods: A full Millennium and NPPL season preview, the world league project and the newest gear available from today?s best paintball manufacturers.
Virtue Russian Legion Shocker Board - video
Check out the exclusive trailer for Virtue's new Russian Legion board, probably the most advanced board on the market today...
NXe Appoints Russian Legion Master Distributor for Russia
NXe announced today that it has appointed Russian Legion as its Master Distributor for Russia.

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