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New Russian Legion gun - MacDev Clone

Team news
RL is happy to announce that the contract with new gun company has been signed. Russian Legion will stay with the new Australian sponsor MacDev for two seasons 2010 and 2011.

Russian Legion roster changes

Team news
After the end of the successfull 2009 season several pro US and Euro players contacted our team about joining RL in 2010 season. Looked through all of this advices and taken into consideration real team needs RL have decided to give a chanse to our old teammate Konstantin Fedorov.

Video conference - soon

Sport news
Rl club is going to make a video conference about the end of the 2009 season in the begining of december. This tipe of conferences will be made after each PSP event. You are wellcome to send your questios to The most popular questions will be solved during these conferences.

New section on site

Paintball foto & Video
We are happy to entroduce to all our fans a new part in PHOTOGALLERY wich is called FUNY. There you can find some interesting pics from Legion life and you are wellcome to send any funy pics that you have about RL.

Short video from SOCIAL PAINTBALL

Paintball foto & Video
Here is the new short video from SOCIAL PAINTBALL a new video company on paintball market. This is about RL vs.
Philly game full of colourful scienes and nice soundtrack, that is how they make their gob. RL can't whait to get a full DVD from Social paintball. All RL fans must CHECK IT

Team congrats Alexander Tarando team's head manager.

Team congrats Alexander Tarando team's head manager. Because of his help and control team still exists like very successful club.All club members wishes him to stay the same person, luck in business and family life. We all respect him and listen, so we believe that RL will keep it on.


Team news
After the great end of both US and European season RL is having it's vacation.
Players like Sasha Berdnikov, Dima Kulikov, Mishka Kniazev, Sergei Solnishkov, Slava Yanushevsky, John Zakharov recieved a possobility to go to their native cityes and spend some time with their familyes, because they are not from Moscow origionaly.

The European season is finaly come to the end for RL.

Sport news
The European season is finaly come to the end for RL.
Team hasn't been playing in Europe by itself, but our legioners have been playing for another teams.

Team photos from WC 2009

Paintball foto & Video
We happy to show our fans photos from the WC09. The pics wich used at our site have been taken from, there you can find more. Pics made by Gary Baum, our media sponsor.

Russian Legion - way to victory

Paintball Gear PSP
RL finished at third place during 2008 season and was totaly ready not to repeat this low result in 2009. Unfortunatelly economical crisis had striked and we had to cut squad, to cut sallaryes and cut the ammount of paintballs to shoot during practices, but all these couldn't efect us badly.

Sport news
Paintball Gear
Team news
Paintball foto & Video
Club news

NXe Appoints Russian Legion Master Distributor for Russia
NXe announced today that it has appointed Russian Legion as its Master Distributor for Russia.
Virtue Russian Legion Shocker Board - video
Check out the exclusive trailer for Virtue's new Russian Legion board, probably the most advanced board on the market today...
Smart Parts, WDP, and Dye Resolve Litigation, License Agreements Part of Settlemen
Smart Parts, Inc., WDP, Ltd., and Dye Precision, Inc. are pleased to announce the settlement of litigation pending between the companies and the entry into patent license agreements giving WDP and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by Smart Parts? electronic paintball gun patents; giving Smart Parts and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by a WDP?s affiliate?s LCD and Data Link and other related electronic paintball marker patents; and giving Smart Parts a license under Dye?s patent related to spool valve paintball gun designs.
PSP 2007 Schedule
Paintball Sports Promotions would like to wish everyone very Happy Holidays and thank you for your support of the PSP. We are looking forward to a great 2007 season with many great things to come.
Facefull ? 36
It?s a brand new season. And as usual, Facefull delivers the goods: A full Millennium and NPPL season preview, the world league project and the newest gear available from today?s best paintball manufacturers.

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