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Matt Blonski from Russian Legion here, coming from you at the Hotel in Chicago. It?s been a long few months since the last event in Phoenix, but the bitter taste remains.
We as a team don?t see each other between events, so it?s up to us to stay sharp and ready. After a bad showing like at the last event, there is always a sense of urgency with such a talented team, and everyone practices like it. This event began on a low note for me, waiting all day for my flight from NYC, delayed to Orlando for no apparent reason. Justin (Rabackoff) and I got to our hotel about 2 am on Saturday morning, only to learn practice begins at 9 am the same day. I don?t know how people live in Florida really, its hot and humid even at 2 in the morning, and it felt like 90 degrees at the beginning of practice, and quickly got hotter. We began playing against Tampa Bay Damage at Central Florida Paintball Saturday, and played a good 30 games a day where we went back and forth for the most part, and we accomplished what we wanted. Learning the field and getting accustomed to our new squads was the main focus, as well as getting use to some serious heat. I think the weekend went pretty well, and we came out of it with 2 very strong squads. We had a flight to Chicago Monday morning, and ended up sitting on a delayed plane yet again because of rainy weather in Chicago. We finally got in and the weather seems nice, no rain. We had the rest of the day off, and would practice Tuesday with Shock. It would be a short practice Tuesday with Shock at Badlandz, the field was a muddy mess, and the tournament field looked even worse. I don?t know what they will do to fix this field, but right now it borders on un-playable. Today is Wednesday, 2 days before PSP Chicago starts, and it is pouring and thundering, so it looks like this event will be a mess. Hopefully the PSP can pull something out and make it manageable.

Follow us on PBnation and ProPaintball, and well try to post some video interviews on the Russian Legion Facebook page.

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