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Кубок России 5-й этап - официальный отчет
Дата: 26 пїЅпїЅпїЅ
Москва, Москва. город, Российская Федерация
Организатор: Пейнтбольный клуб "Russian Legion"
При поддержке: ?EVIL/RPS? , ?DRAXXUS?, ?EMPIRE? , ?SUB AIR BALL?
Турнирная серия Кубок России

Официальная информация
Результаты прошедшего на базе Русского Легиона в субботу (26 Мая) пятого этапа "Кубка России" по пейнтболу.
Высшая Лига
1. Фристайл (Москва)
2. Град (Москва)
3. Паутина (Москва)
4. Хаос (Москва)

Первая Лига
1. Эхо (Москва)
2. Горыныч (Москва)
3. Койоты (Москва)
4. Воронежский фронт (Воронеж)

Вторая Лига
1.Койоты Лайт (Москва)
2.Бастион (Елец)
3.Мираж (Верхняя Хава)
4.Фристайл 3 (Москва)

Поздравляем победителей и призеров соревнований!!!

Official report

New Russian Legion store
In the sports club of the Russian Legion, a new store has opened, distributing paintball equipment ranging from paintballs to paintball markers. To this day, this is the most popular store in Russia, with an extremely broad assortment of paintball equipment from all different manufacturers.
NXe Appoints Russian Legion Master Distributor for Russia
NXe announced today that it has appointed Russian Legion as its Master Distributor for Russia.
Tippmann and Special Ops Announce Strategic Alliance
Buffalo Grove, Ill. (July 28, 2006) ? Tippmann Sports is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Special Ops Paintball. The new relationship will include several collaborative marketing programs as well as future product initiatives. Working together, the two companies will be ideally positioned to bring an unmatched breadth of specialized products and services to woodsball players around the world.
Facefull ? 36
It?s a brand new season. And as usual, Facefull delivers the goods: A full Millennium and NPPL season preview, the world league project and the newest gear available from today?s best paintball manufacturers.
Smart Parts, WDP, and Dye Resolve Litigation, License Agreements Part of Settlemen
Smart Parts, Inc., WDP, Ltd., and Dye Precision, Inc. are pleased to announce the settlement of litigation pending between the companies and the entry into patent license agreements giving WDP and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by Smart Parts? electronic paintball gun patents; giving Smart Parts and Dye a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by a WDP?s affiliate?s LCD and Data Link and other related electronic paintball marker patents; and giving Smart Parts a license under Dye?s patent related to spool valve paintball gun designs.

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