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RL testing MacDev Clone

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RUSSIAN LEGIONEERS finaly got their new CLONE guns from MACDEV Australia and ready to share their first fealing about a new toy:
Kirill Prihidni- i very like the gun from the first sight because of the box, where you can find not only barrel but tools, spareparts, lube and manual.
Kostia Federov- it shoots even softer and better then LUXE!
Vasia Panteleev- it has a very straight and predictable line of fire.
Maloy Berdnikov- well...good gun.
Dima KUlikov- i switched from Closer to CLONE very easy.
Mishka Kniazev- it put balls very close to each other even at a high distance.
Sergey Solnishkov- can i make it longer?

Well, all this about this wonderfull gun on a market. The gun is easyly and nicely gets into your hand, you can feel how soft and straight it shoots. You can take clone apart really fast and easy. So CLONE perfectly feets LEGION and team is really happy that MACDEV sent it to Russia so quick and guys can get used to this gun before Phoenix event, where this gun will have it's first fight at PRO!!!

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